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Volunteer to the Aeronca Museum

Volunteering that the Aeronca Museum is satisfying, personally rewarding, and easy. Because we are primarily an online museum, many of our volunteer tasks can also be completed online in the comfort your home office. We also need volunteers in our restoration shop, which does require that you be near our workshop in Brighton Michigan. You must be a member to volunteer. Become a volunteer

How to Become a Volunteer

Look through the category of volunteer activities below. If you see an item that piques your interest, then click Show Me Available Assignments to view a list of specific volunteer assignments that are currently avaiable. Choose one that suites your skills and interests and then click Assign This To Me.

Volunteer Categories
Historical Writer Research and write a historical essay on an Aeronca-related topic. Topics include aircraft, events, Aeronca facts, biographies, or any historical analysis related to Aeronca. (Online) Learn More
Document Cleaner Clean and enhance digital documents. (Online) Learn More
Document Retypist Convert scanned text documents into digital typed documents so they can be searched by a database. (Online) Learn More
CAD Designer Convert old factory drawings to CAD format. (Online) Learn More
Workshop Volunteer Volunteer time in the restoration workshop (Brighton, MI) Learn More
CAD Instructor Teach museum staff, volunteers and youth how to use AutoCAD to create drawings. (Brighton, MI) Learn More
Document Scanner Digitize documents and photos by scanning them into the computer. (Brighton, MI) Learn More
Document Archivist Examine and interpret a scanned document to catalog it into a database. (Online) Learn More
Museum Photographer Take quality amateur photos of Aeroncas. (Online) Learn More
Restoration Physically restore artifacts, or parts of artifacts to usable or displayable condition. (Online) Learn More
Grant Seeker Find eligible grants that the Museum might be able to apply for. (Online) Learn More
Droid and iPhone App Developers Write an application for the Aeronca Museum to run on Droid or iPhones. (Online) Learn More