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Volunteer Details

Thank you inquiring volunteering as a Document Retypist

Volunteer Details for Document Retypist
Title Document Retypist
Description Convert scanned text documents into digital typed documents so they can be searched by a database.
Skills Required Operating OCR software.
Tools Needed MS-Word. Alternatively, you can use one of several OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software packages (such as Adobe Acrobat Pro) to have the software generate the text from the scanned image from the page of text.
Location Online
Details The Museum will provide you with a document that needs to be retyped. You will read the document and retype the text into MS-Word or Notepad. Formatting is not important, since the text will be imported into a database to be search on.

Available Document Retypist assignment that you can accept.

Assignments available for Document Retypist