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Volunteer Details

Thank you inquiring volunteering as a Document Scanner

Volunteer Details for Document Scanner
Title Document Scanner
Description Digitize documents and photos by scanning them into the computer.
Skills Required Basic OS file management, basic photo editing, and understanding of scanning concepts.
Tools Needed A flatbed scanner, Adobe Photoshop (or equivalent).
Location Brighton, MI
Details You will be given (or sent via FedEX) an envelope containing documents or photos. You will use your flatbed scanner and scanning program (such as Adobe Photoshop) to carefully scan each document at high resolution. These documents will be cleaned and edited later by a volunteer Document Cleaner. Monochrome documents will be scanned as grayscale, otherwise they will be scanned as color. You save these documents with specific filenames based on a set of rules. Multipage documents will need to be assigned filenames that preserve the original order. Completed scans will be uploaded to the Museum website or burned to a DVD.

Available Document Scanner assignment that you can accept.

Assignments available for Document Scanner