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Ad Title Aeronca Presents Another and Still Greater Champion - THE NEW CHIEF 
Ad Description High-res scan of a 1940 advertisement from an unknown magazine featuring a maroon with red pre-war Aeronca Chief, either an 65CA or 65LB. Notice the extended pitot tube. This must have been a test ship. 
Perodical Name Unknown 
Perodical Date 1940 
N-Number 26382 
Large size Res 1500 x 1001 px
Full Size Res 7680 x 5128 px
Full Filesize 12314408 bytes
Aeronca Models 65CA 65LB  
Date Range 1938-1942 
Document Type Advertisements 
Status Available 
Condition Excellent 
No. of Pages 1 pages 
Dimensions 7.68 in. x 5.13 in. 
File Size 12 MB 
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Access Category   Member
Collection Name Unknown 
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